DIY shoe bottom

DIY shoes

Taylor Says shoes Pop art

Maybe, like me, you get bored of the usual red-lacquered soles.

Colorful bottoms are so much fun, like these new Taylor Says heels you might’ve seen on my Instagram that I picked up from Via Rodeo.

Luckily you don’t have to head to the mall looking for your own pair of hot bottoms, you can revamp your shoe closet, in fact it will be even more unique once you put your personal touch to your shoes.

Let’s get started, here is what you need:

– Rubbing

– Medium sized brush

– White nail polish

– Colored nail polish of your choice

Apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball start dabbing it on the bottom of your shoe. This will help clean and remove the dirt of your shoe to prevent a flaky paint job.

DIY shoe bottom designIt’s as simple as that, just make sure you let each coat dry completely before applying the next.






The Brow Question

perfect eyerbows

The brow shape is one of my most frequent questions. Just awhile ago I was working for Hugo Boss on a recent event of theirs, answering style questions. Even though the questions were supposed to be about the latest trends and styles for body shapes, I found myself answering questions about eyebrows!
The biggest issue at hand: sparse eyebrows.
When you have sparse hairs, then you can’t shape it the way you like and it is unevenly shaped.
Now I know just as well as any other woman that your eyebrow shape is one of the most important aspects of your facial character.

The reason may be genetic, due to hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients or over-plucking.

Now first lets look at some of our options.
1) Tattoo – This is one of the oldest ways to shape eyebrows. I think to tattoo an eyebrow is good when you want to fill the spaces however I would almost never recommend anyone to ‘draw’ or shape an eyebrow unless you barely have any eyebrows. After a few years, the ink looks a different color and very obvious. Also eyebrow shapes go in and out of fashion. Don’t limit yourself, there are much better alternatives. If you MUST, there are tattoo artists in the UAE that specialize in cosmetic tattoo’s and they actually have a license (unlike other illegal tattooists in the country), they are trained to draw individual hairs to make it look as natural as possible. (Costs about 800 – 3000)
Pros: Does not smudge. Waterproof.
Cons: You CANNOT change the shape. Lasering it is painful and leaves a mark. Ink color changes over time, needs a retouch every few years

tattoo eyebrows

2) Eye pencil – I think this is a good quick fix. But you can almost point someone out who has their eyebrow penciled. If you find a perfect color thats great. (Costs Aed 40 – 150)
Pros: Easy to use. Can change the shape as often as you like.
Cons: Smudges in heat, not waterproof


3) Henna – I have noticed a large amount of Middle Eastern ladies have been using it here in Dubai. I really like the dark eyebrow look and it looks great on some, however sometimes I feel like Im talking to the eyebrow rather than the person. It is very distracting and sometimes TOO bold.
I tried it once and I loved it. I kept pestering the lady who did it for me that I want it VERY light and natural and she explained that if she leaves it on my skin for lesser time it will be lighter however it will only last 2,3 days. That was perfectly fine with me as I was too scared it wont suit me. I have to say I loved it, and my skeptical friend said it looked great too. (Costs Aed 60)
Pros: Waterproof, lasts for 5-7 days
Cons: Has to be handled by a professional who understands the shape you want.



4) Eyeshadow – Regular eyeshadow is an option and most make-up artists use this method. Its not too harsh looking and the shape can be altered but your eyebrow might be blown away with the wind unless you use a clear mascara or spray to hold it in place. And you dont want to do that, eitherwise you will loose the few hairs you have. Well ladies, theres a product to the rescue!
The Perfect brow. I have recommended this product to many women and they all swear by it. My moms friend told me about it once and I had to have it, being a product junkie even though I have thick and dark eyebrows. The good thing about this product is that it doesn’t smudge, lasts 24 hours, comes in a variety of colors, and comes with 3 stencil shapes. (Costs Aed 200)
Pros of the perfect brow: Different colors. Different stencils for you to experiment with, lasts 24 hours. No smudge. Can change shape regularly. Looks soft.

eyeshadow eyebrow

You get this whole kit including stencils to help u perfect the shape!

The perfect brow 378x378-bb-product-Duo Applicator Brush-360x360 378x378-bb-product-Stencil Set-360x360

Similar to The Perfect Brow is Anastasia’s essential brow products which has taken Hollywood by storm. All of a sudden it’s all about eyebrows (also thanks to Cara Delevigne) You get a whole kit including  tweezers, brow powder duo, brow stencils (Set of Five Shapes), Mini duo brush and a clear brow gel. (Costs Aed 237)
Comes in 5 shades. However there is no official retailer in the UAE yet so your best bet is to order online.


how to fill your eyebrows

5) The marker – I found this marker while I was looking for a lip liner that is a marker. I never found a marker lip liner but I found this gem. You draw into your eyebrows, I prefer not filling but drawing hairs, to make it look more natural. It lasts the entire day, doesnt smudge in the heat and it is so easy to use. BUT you have to find the perfect color for you which is the tricky part, once you do, it’s the perfect option (Costs Aed 60)
Pros: Smudge proof. Lasts all day. Easy to handle
Cons: Comes in only 1 color. Can look harsh if overused.

eyebrow marker3-rules-for-perfect-brows







Another option will be to grow out your eyebrows once again. I am currently testing if this is even possible. I have used both No7 lash serum & Revitalash for my lashes and eyebrows to see if they will grow out. I saw some changes but Im still not sure if it is significant enough to mention at the moment. That will be a later blog about lash and eyebrow serums!

And for some fun check out this link (Terrible Eyebrows), I wonder if these are real!!

Good luck in finding the perfect option for your eyebrows!

<3 Nona

How To Design the Perfect Guest Bedroom  

Today’s interior post is about that guest bedroom that you never got to fully decorate because…well because it’s barely used and then when you do need it you scramble around to finish it up. In my very first apartment, I had a spare room that was at first my guest bedroom but as a young single woman I didn’t need it. I never had extended family stay over or ‘guests’, if friends or family stayed then we would just crash on my L-shaped couch in the living room or on my bed. So that room was soon turned into my office/walk-in closet…oh those were the days…!

So anyway, if you need to design your guest bedroom, our guest blogger, interior designer Danielle Bagworth is your woman!

guest blogger

Guest bedrooms should be comforting and chic; after all they are for guests and you want them to feel as welcome as possible. It can often be difficult to incorporate things that appeal to everyone within a guest room, for example, you may want to go for a themed room or a unique interior design, however this may not be to some of your guests taste. I am going to provide you with some handy tips on how to create a welcoming guest bedroom that will appeal to everyone:

1. Colour Schemeneutral color bedroom

The colour scheme of your guest bedroom is important. A neutral colour scheme will work perfectly in your guest bedroom, as this will appeal to both genders. Opt for bright shades of beige, comforting creams and delicate yellows to add warmth to the room; any colour that is light, subtle and natural will work to enhance the size and brightness of the bedroom. If you do want to add vibrant colours to your guest bedroom, avoid the walls – add bright pops of colour with your bedding and decorative accessories!

2. A Comfortable Mattress
As a host or hostess you want your guests to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. With this in mind, one of the essential items for designing your dream guestroom is a sumptuous bed and mattress, such as a Silentnight double mattress! This will ensure that your guests have the best night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than staying over at somebody else’s house and spending the night restlessly rolling around on an uncomfortable mattress. Not only do you have very little sleep, but you wake up in a grumpy mood.

3. Cushionsbedroom cushions
For me, cushions symbolise complete comfort! Decoratively placing plump, soft cushions and soft furnishings around your guest bedroom, on your bed, chairs and windowsill seats will immediately help to transform the room. Soft furnishings will help create a cosy and inviting space, where your guests will feel right at home.
When choosing perfectly plush cushions for your guest bedroom you can either adhere to your neutral colour scheme or get creative and choose a bright accent colour to stand out throughout the bedroom. For a safe way to create a complete look choose one bold colour to add to your natural palette, this will add individuality with a punch of personality!
4. Lightingromantic lighting

The right lighting can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere and lamps are perfect for making your guest bedroom feel warm and cosy. Instead of harsh and bright overhead lighting, try using bedside table lamps that complement your chosen decor; from decorative oversized designs to simply sleek styles you will be able to find perfect bedside lamps for your guest bedroom. Lamps are also much more convenient, as your guest won’t have to leave the warmth of their cosy bed to turn the main light off, and then have to navigate their way around an unfamiliar room in the pitch black!
5. Candles
Candles automatically make a room more alluring. Try and avoid scented candles, as scents are a very personal thing; your chosen scent may not appeal to everyone. Find a neutral candle or something that smells clean and fresh. Alternatively you could add a diffuser to the room. Just ensure that the scent is not too overpowering as this can often lead to a headache!
Additionally, candles work perfectly as decorative accessories – and they’re inexpensive! Don’t be afraid of using candles that have a little height, placing these candles in elegant vases or lanterns will create chic and opulent decorative features around your guest bedroom.

6. A Rugrugs for the bedroom
If your room is not carpeted, add a rug by the side of the bed. When your guest wakes up in the morning, the rug will be the first thing that their feet will set on, which will help to create a homely feel. From modern to traditional designs, ensure that your chosen rug matches the decor of your guest bedroom – this will work to pull the design of the room together and create a sense of warmth.

7. Fresh Towels
Always ensure that you have a fresh supply of towels available for your guests. When you have guests over, you don’t want to make them feel as if they have to tiptoe around and constantly ask for things. Smartly transform your towels into a guestroom design feature by neatly rolling each crisp towel and placing at the foot of your bed – this will instantaneously let your guest know that they are welcome to use all of the facilities and adds a hint of luxury!


8. Flowersinterior design flowers

If your guest bedroom is bright enough, buy some fresh flowers and place them on the windowsill, on top of a chest of drawers or bedside table. Flowers work to bring life into the room; pick a few bunches up from your local florist, snip the ends and place them into a gorgeous vase – arrangement doesn’t have to be a chore!

With these tips and tricks decorating your guest bedroom will be simple, just think about what you would like in a guest bedroom if you were staying at somebody else’s house! Ensure that you keep things neutral and don’t get too over excited with wild patterns and accessories.



This article was written by Danielle Bagworth , an expert in the field of home improvement and interior design. interior designer guest blogger


DIY clarifying hair rinse

best DIY hair conditioner

If there is 1 hair tip that I swear by it is this hassle-free vinegar rinse!

There is nothing as effective as a good clarifying rinse that will immediately give your hair softness and bounce even without conditioner! We are constantly putting product on our hair, everything from gel, wax, mouse, hairspray, serum, creams, etc so if you do not do a clarifying rinse at least once a month then the product will build up  around the hair shaft and make your hair limp and lifeless. A regular moisturizing shampoo does not remove these stubborn ingredients so make sure to add this to your routine.images

Add three tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar (if you are blonde and don’t want red tones) to a pitcher of lukewarm water. After shampooing your hair, squeeze as much water as you can from your hair, and rinse your hair/scalp with the diluted vinegar. I use a pretty bubble bath bottle and always have it prepared. I cup as much of my hair as possible into my palm and pour it into my palm, keep it for few seconds before I pour the entire bottle over the rest of my hair. Leave in for about a minute, and then rinse with water. You might be hesitant at first because of the smell but DON’T worry it will be gone before you get out of the shower, promise :)

A vinegar rinse restores the mildly acidic pH that the scalp loves. It prevents build up and also softens the water, preventing the minerals in it to dry in your hair.

Use the rinse once a month or every 7 days if your hair is subjected to swimming pool chlorine daily.

Tips on keeping your hair smooth and shiny:

Before you hop out of the shower, turn on the cold water for a second for a quick rinse through the hair strands. It helps seal the cuticle, adding a sleek finish to your locks.

Keeping wet hair wrapped in a towel while you do your make-up causes your hair to frizz! The roughness of the cotton forces your hair cuticles to open, making them more likely to frizz up

Trust me your hair is going to love it!

<3 Nona

5 storage ideas for your home

If you are like me and have your clothes stored in your kitchen cabinets then here is a great post on tips and tricks of creating storage spaces from the lovely Qurratulain, an interior expert in England.

guest blogger

We’re always searching for new space and buying things that our rooms have no capacity for. This article is going to share some storage ideas with you so you can maximize your space and not feel as if you are living in the middle of a landfill.


1. Make use of the walls.high storage shelves interior

The walls in your bedroom can be utilized by hanging up shelves. They can go up as high as possible (as long as you can reach) and you can then use these shelves to store whatever you like. This will help to neaten up the room and ensure that everything is kept off the floor.


2. Invest in fitted wardrobes.fitted wardrobe

These are great for saving space, particularly if you have an odd shaped room. They can fit into the awkward angles and corners and provide you with more space. As they will be fitted according to the shape of the wall, they are kept out of the way and look more stylish than your average wardrobe. You can even get mirrored fitted wardrobes which provide the illusion of having more space. As they make use of the whole wall, they are often larger and taller, giving you more capacity to store your things.


3. Look for unused space under the bed
One of the best places to use is the space beneath the bed. Instead of just throwing things underneath, measure the height that you have to work with, and then find some slim boxes that can fit within that space. It is a great way to store jewelry and you can slide the boxes back underneath whenever you have finished (you can even buy boxes with wheels). If you find that your bed is too low, you can also purchase bed risers which are legs for the bed. This allows you to gain a few extra inches which makes all the difference!

4. Buy multi-purpose furniture.

work station
You can buy a desk that has drawers underneath, or use a small chest of drawers as a nightstand. Blanket boxes are a great idea, as you can rest them at the foot of the bed. They open up so you can store sheets, blankets and towels. They tend to have comfortable tops, so they can be used as additional seating as well as storage. There is also unused space at the bottom of the wardrobe. You can use this space to build a shoe rack or even install another railing for more clothes.

 5.  Buy decorative storage boxes.

Wooden-Suitcase-Storage-Boxes-from-Oliver-BonasYou can place these on your shelves, in your wardrobe or even stack them up in a corner. As storage boxes can be patterned and colourful, you can use them as a form of decor. Things like wires and electricals can contribute to the room looking messy, so these boxes are an ideal way to keep them hidden. If you don’t want to use boxes, baskets are also quite decorative. If you have a shabby chic room, try using white baskets to add to the theme. Remember that the neater your room is, the more space you have! Sometimes you don’t even need extra storage, you probably have enough space but it is being disguised by the clutter!

Good luck!



This article was written by Qurratulain Zaheer, an expert in interior design and avid lover of shabby chic. She recommends Hammonds Space for stylish fitted bedrooms.

DIY Vanilla Chai Scrub

homemade scrub

This is one of my best scrubs so far, I tried this once before and I was recently reminded of it.
I almost feel like a housewife, experimenting with different home-made products but store bought products are usually harsh and contain too many preservatives, so if you love yourself do yourself a favor and make your own.
6 chai tea bags
1cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
Get started. Open the chai tea bags and mix the contents with the sugars and cinnamon. Pour it into the desired container and add the oil, honey and finally the vanilla. You can add more oil to achieve desired consistency.
The shelf life is very long for this scrub (over 6 months) Just remember as I’ve mentioned before make sure the scrub container is tightly sealed and never scoop the scrub out with your wet fingers. Although in scrubs like this, where the sugar concentration is high, the sugar will suck water out of the cells of bacteria and kill them.

Now I’m not a big fan of cinnamon in fact the smell of it nauseate me BUT cinnamon is so good for your skin. Did you know that if you cut your skin you can use cinnamon as antiseptic? It’s known to kill bacteria and help prevent infections. So just clean the area and sprinkle some on the cut.

In fact cinnamon can be used as a natural fix for wrinkles. It causes the skin to plump therefore making fine lines less visible. So few drops of cinnamon oil and olive oil applied to your lips might work enough to forget injected fillers. Try it instead of lip gloss even.

Let me know if it works for you, send me pics or hashtag me #nonasden would love to see your scrub making skills


<3 Nona XOXO

Just a few images to start the year off with

I just wanted to share some inspirational images that have moved me since the start of the year.

Take the time to see the video at the bottom, Lizzie Velasquez takes about her life as what they have called ‘The Ugliest Woman In The World’. I cringe typing that because no human should be called that or victim of such hate. It is so sad that sometimes we are less civil to each other that the less intelligent creatures on this earth.

I want to reach out, hug and comfort her, but she is stronger than I am and will end up having to comfort me. It really made me think, What defines me?

Without getting into it (and balling my eyes out again) I will let her do the talking.

Being normal is boring

love your life 2014

Pin up style favorite gal. Follow her on Instagram @Lillipore

Pin up style favorite gal. Follow her on Instagram @Lillipore

Dreams don't work unless you do

My best friend is there right now in one of those Igloos in LapLand to see the breathtaking Nothern Lights

My best friend is there right now in one of those Igloos in LapLand to see the breathtaking Nothern Lights

No negative vibes

feminismbeautiful eyeshadow

My favorite songstress

My favorite songstress


interior decor


bridal couture

fashion vs style

Peru - My future travel destination

Peru – My future travel destination

My style crush - Miraslova Duma

My style crush – Miraslova Duma

Over the experiences I had last year, I know this is so true

Over the experiences I had last year, I know this is so true

Watch this video