DIY Vanilla Chai Scrub

homemade scrub

This is one of my best scrubs so far, I tried this once before and I was recently reminded of it.
I almost feel like a housewife, experimenting with different home-made products but store bought products are usually harsh and contain too many preservatives, so if you love yourself do yourself a favor and make your own.
6 chai tea bags
1cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
Get started. Open the chai tea bags and mix the contents with the sugars and cinnamon. Pour it into the desired container and add the oil, honey and finally the vanilla. You can add more oil to achieve desired consistency.
The shelf life is very long for this scrub (over 6 months) Just remember as I’ve mentioned before make sure the scrub container is tightly sealed and never scoop the scrub out with your wet fingers. Although in scrubs like this, where the sugar concentration is high, the sugar will suck water out of the cells of bacteria and kill them.

Now I’m not a big fan of cinnamon in fact the smell of it nauseate me BUT cinnamon is so good for your skin. Did you know that if you cut your skin you can use cinnamon as antiseptic? It’s known to kill bacteria and help prevent infections. So just clean the area and sprinkle some on the cut.

In fact cinnamon can be used as a natural fix for wrinkles. It causes the skin to plump therefore making fine lines less visible. So few drops of cinnamon oil and olive oil applied to your lips might work enough to forget injected fillers. Try it instead of lip gloss even.

Let me know if it works for you, send me pics or hashtag me #nonasden would love to see your scrub making skills


<3 Nona XOXO

Just a few images to start the year off with

I just wanted to share some inspirational images that have moved me since the start of the year.

Take the time to see the video at the bottom, Lizzie Velasquez takes about her life as what they have called ‘The Ugliest Woman In The World’. I cringe typing that because no human should be called that or victim of such hate. It is so sad that sometimes we are less civil to each other that the less intelligent creatures on this earth.

I want to reach out, hug and comfort her, but she is stronger than I am and will end up having to comfort me. It really made me think, What defines me?

Without getting into it (and balling my eyes out again) I will let her do the talking.

Being normal is boring

love your life 2014

Pin up style favorite gal. Follow her on Instagram @Lillipore

Pin up style favorite gal. Follow her on Instagram @Lillipore

Dreams don't work unless you do

My best friend is there right now in one of those Igloos in LapLand to see the breathtaking Nothern Lights

My best friend is there right now in one of those Igloos in LapLand to see the breathtaking Nothern Lights

No negative vibes

feminismbeautiful eyeshadow

My favorite songstress

My favorite songstress


interior decor


bridal couture

fashion vs style

Peru - My future travel destination

Peru – My future travel destination

My style crush - Miraslova Duma

My style crush – Miraslova Duma

Over the experiences I had last year, I know this is so true

Over the experiences I had last year, I know this is so true

Watch this video

DIY Heart Shaped Elbow Patch shirt


DIY wardrobe revamp

I love elbow patch shirts, sweaters, blazers and just about anything with a sleeve!

I’m getting abit bored with the average shape available everywhere so I decided to go with a HEART!

And to make it even more fun I decided to give it even more umph by doing a different color trim around my heart

First things first, you’ll need:

Any shirt, sweater, blazer, etc

Fabric of choice for the elbow patch (I used crepe)

Ribbon (I used a thin velvet ribbon)

Get started:

Stand in front of the mirror and using a measuring tape, check the size of heart that you need for the elbow patch.

Place your measuring tape on a piece of paper and mark the points. The points will be your entire area so you will have to draw WITHIN those points.

Now draw a heart on the paper. Once I was happy with my heart, I cut my fabric according to the paper cut out. Next I placed the ribbon on the fabric and starting stitching them together. If you find this part to be tricky just skip it, it does take some skill to do a neat job on attaching the ribbon.

Once your done with attaching the ribbon and piece of heart fabric, then wear your shirt and while you are wearing it position the piece of fabric where you want it and attached it using sewing pins. You just need to do that for 1 arm.

Then remove the shirt and you now know where to stitch the heart onto sleeve #1. After 1 sleeve, you can take the measurement from your shoulder to the heart of sleeve #1 and use that for sleeve #2.

Just make sure you don’t stitch both sleeves to each other!

Voila you are done!

Pink velvet ribbons and Tiffany blue crepe fabric

Pink velvet ribbons and Tiffany blue crepe fabric

Take any basic shirt and revamp it

Take any basic shirt and revamp it

All done with heart shaped elbow patch

All done with heart shaped elbow patch

DIY How to bring your herbs to the table

creative ideas for herbs

In this part of the world we absolutely love having raw herbs at the dining table with our meals. Everything from parsley, coriander, spinach and herbs that are still unknown to me.

Over the past few weeks I have had loads of guests staying at mine so it’s the perfect time for me to get creative.

This is how I bring my herbs to the table and everyone’s been loving it. It looks cute and keeps it fresh. You just pluck what you need to add to your dish. We even did a video tutorial for Designers Den but before I get to post it I wanted to post some images so you might be inspired for your Christmas table layout. (According to my contract with the TV channel each episode should first be aired on TV before I can post it)

DIY teacup plants


EXPO 2020 nail art

Tomorrow is the BIG announcement of which country will host EXPO 2020.

I am SO excited, even though everyone knows the result, it is still going to be fun when it is official and we can celebrate. At the moment I have 7 guests staying with me in my new house, which is why I barely have time to blog. I just thought I would show you my new nail art in support of Dubai for EXPO 2020.

Expo2020 Nail Art

Expo2020 Nail Art

Dubai EXPO 2020

On one there is the official EXPO 2020 logo for the United Arab Emirates and on the other is half the logo with ‘EXPO 2020′ written. I’ll be sporting my nail art at a formal government event on the evening of the annoucement.

I would love to see how everyone else is supporting the United Arab Emirates for EXPO 2020 and National Day coming up, don’t forget to tag me or send them my way.

Until tomorrow, goodbye Dubai!

Lots of love,


8 beautiful pale bedroom designs

Hey guys! 

Since I am away on a beautiful trip right now, Arcadian Home has stepped into my shoes today :) 

To find out what style suits you best you can take the What Is Your Interior Design Style quiz I made just for you guys.

DIY guest blogger


Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog specially for Nona’s Den.

As you know, Nona has moved and has the opportunity to create a completely new living environment for herself. How amazing is that? We wanted to join in the fun so we put together our favorite pale bedrooms for inspiration. Soft and serene, they feel like a luxury retreats. Please enjoy!

Pale Bedroom

This slightly glam bedroom gives a nod to pale blue hues and looks so pretty with lots of detailing on the bedding and window coverings that can be drawn for an extra hour of two of weekend sleep.

Pale Bedroom

Not all pale bedrooms are done in only neutral tones. This soft pink bedroom with tall tufted headboard gets a splash of black and white zebra pattern on the floor. Don’t you love the tiny Lucite table on top of that rug?

Pale Bedroom

Neutrals from the brown family of colors are also lovely pale bedroom choices. Though not as feminine as pink, this lovely bedroom with glam mirrored chests on either side of the stylish bed is a great example of the beauty of that color palette.

Pale Bedroom

Pale watery blue meets gold in this chic bedroom. Cool contemporary lamps with tiny bases and tall linen shades sit atop simple white nightstands (only one is visible here.)

Pale Bedroom

Combining pale blue and creamy tan, this pretty bedroom is at once a bit traditional and filled with touches of modern glam like the tufted bench with chunky Lucite legs.

Pale Bedroom

Glam meets meticulously detailed blue and white bedding and ends up looking gorgeous in this pale bedroom. I love the look of the fine embroidery on the pillows with the ornate frame of the Venetian mirror in the background.

Pale Bedroom

This beautiful bedroom with subtle lilac undertones has a lot of pattern going on but is still pale and very glam. The lux velvet armchair is my favorite element in the room that is filled with gorgeous finishes and furnishings.

Pale Bedroom

Lastly, here is a lovely bedroom done in tan and cream. From the appealing carved folding screens as headboard to the gorgeous mirrored bedside table with its unexpected gold legs, this pale bedroom is altogether stylish and delightful. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think about these pale bedrooms? We want to hear your thoughts! Leave comments below and come by our blog for more home decor, pendant lighting, and interior inspirations!


Mari is an enthusiastic interior designer, part of Arcadian Home, which is a wonderful place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful contemporary floor lamps to colorful decorative accessories for every room. Find out more about their creative decors here

Organising your keys

The past few weeks have been EXHAUSTING!

I have been moving house, lots of art events in Dubai at the moment, preparing for the start of 2 new spa’s, and on top of it ALL I have had no car throughout!

And if you live in Dubai you know how hard it can be without a car.

As you can imagine new house and new business venues mean more keys!  So something had to be done and quick, so here is how I now differentiate between keys.

If you prefer you can use 1 color for ALL your house keys (bedrooms, balconies, etc) and another color for all keys related to work.

While I was moving I found loads of small little keys like the fridge key or Post Box key and I didn’t know which is which so I had to try each and every key and I still don’t know what some are for. So I think I found a way to organize all my keys.

You probably know by now that this is my preferred Scotch tape because it does not leave any sticky residue.

As for the nail polish you don’t have to use your favourite YSL polish, use any regular nail polish. In fact invest in some colors, because I’m about to do more posts on unconventional uses of nail polish.

nail art tape

nail art using scotch tape


Color co-ordinate your keys

Color co-ordinate your keys

Hope you guys find this useful! If you do, pls PIN IT on Pinterest or share it with others using the links below!